ClampLift Safety Test Evaluation
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ClampLift Safety Test Evaluation

Thank you for taking the time to take the ClampLift Safety Test Evaluation brought to you by Buy Right Services, Inc. Please complete each section in order before taking the test.

Let’s Begin!

Section I: Virtual Reading

Please review the training materials below by selecting the picture below. First, please review the ClampLift Safety Course followed by the PIE Training – Damage Overview.

Once you’re ready, proceed to the video portion of the exam below.

Section II: Video

Please look over the 11 part video series below. Each short video will go over questions and answers related to the test.

If you need to rewatch a video, please open the playlist to the upper right of the video to select which video you would like to replay.

Once you’re ready proceed to the testing section below.

Section III: ClampLift Safety Test Evaluation

Thank you for reviewing all 3 training materials above. If you need to review before taking the test, please take all the time you need.

Once you’re ready, please proceed to the test below. If you receive below a 70%, please retake the test until passing.


All attempts are recorded and will be reported to Buy Right Services, Inc.

Welcome to your ClampLift Safety Test

1. Does the clamp attachment require a safety maintenance check?
2. How do you determine the lifting capacity of your clamplift?
3. How should you enter and exit a clamplift?
4. When is it all right to carry a load that exceeds the limit of the clamp?
5. If a load is unstable, you should?
6. When transporting a load with the clamplift, you should keep the load?
7. When transporting a load, the operator should?
8. While operating a clamplift, you should watch for overhead obstructions when?
9. When going up or down an incline/ramp where is the load positioned?
10. When is it okay to lift or lower a load while traveling?
11. When changing your direction of travel you should do what?
12. How many hogsheads and PM80 boxes can you transport at one time?
13. When picking up two hogsheads in the upright position to move them, what position should the clamp be in?
14. When picking up two hogshead in a horizontal (laying on its side) position, what should be done with the moveable arm of the clamp?
15. When picking up two hogsheads in a horizontal (laying on their side) position, where should the clamp be placed?
16. What the maximum overhang when stacking hogsheads?
17. When picking up one PM80 Box where should you place the clamp on the box?
18. Should hogsheads and PM80 boxes be inspected before placing in a stack?
19. When pedestrians are moving through an area where clamplifts are in use, they should?
20. Before loading or unloading a trailer, you should?
21. When a clamplift is not carrying a load, you should?
22. If a wet spot is noticed where the clamplifts are being use, you should?
23. If any mechanical problem occurs, as the clamplift operator you should?
24. When changing fuel tanks, what is the one thing you should not do?
25. When you park your clamplift, you should?


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