BRS offers customization of training and services to
facilitate the effective communication among all levels
of personnel. Our representatives will travel to your
site and perform a fleet analysis to show the savings
that are achieved by eliminating wasted dollars on
industrial trucks and commercial fleets. These wasted
dollars significantly impact the company's bottom line.

This analysis includes a total fleet and operation
evaluation to determine current condition and
economic value of each unit. Our experts will show
your staff how to track cost and determine what
factors are creating unnecessary expenses. We
identify waste factors and implement cost reduction
programs by utilizing a myriad of options for
competitive purchasing of parts, accessories,
products and services . In addition, BRS offers
training on the importance of meter readings,
preventative maintenance programs, cost feasibility
analysis, fleet utilization, OSHA compliance and
methods of closing the open checkbook.

Buy Right Services, Inc., understands the importance
of maintaining your competitive advantage. That is
why we offer a software package that enables
authorized staff to track preventative maintenance
scheduling, open work orders, equipment and much
more. Let our experts set up a database and train
authorized users to effectively manage your fleet with
Fleet Management                              B.R.S. Fleet Services Inc.